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The IP.v4BL.org list is now closed to direct public access - please continue to use the FREE.v4BL.org list instead.

Current return codes: - [SPAM] - [rDNS | FCrDNS | Domain] - [HACKING]


Previous Changes Log:

Posted 2012-07-01: Acceptable Usage Policy updated. Now makes it clear to all how it is wrong for anyone to profit from our free service. http://v4BL.org/usage.html

Posted 2012-06-25: DDNSBL 170M listed.

Posted 2012-06-15: DDNSBL 160M listed.

Posted 2012-06-04: DDNSBL turns 1000 days old! (Thats how old the earliest listed IP is today; Oh how time flies when you're blocking SPAM.)

Posted 2012-06-02: DDNSBL surpassed ZEN.SPAMHAUS this last week: (29508 to 29506).

Posted 2012-06-02: DDNSBL 150M listed.

Posted 2012-05-21: DDNSBL 140M listed.

Posted 2012-05-10: DDNSBL 130M listed.
All SSD upgrades completed.

Posted 2012-04-30: (x2) 480GB SATA III MLC SSDs were just ordered for backend server upgrade.

Posted 2012-04-28: COMCAST Business is now blocking ports we've used for more than 1 year and claims those ports never were allowed.. When did they go into the secure ISP biz?
Due to these "new"/"old" blocks, we will have to redefine our data move scripts to overcome these new hurdles.
As such, until then some new IP listings will be delayed (or blocked altogether) until all systems can be modified to conform... ETA: Unknown

Posted 2012-04-27: DDNSBL 120M listed.

Posted 2012-04-26: ISP had Internet issues... Site was off-line for 8 hours.

Posted 2012-04-14: DDNSBL 110M listed.

Posted 2012-04-01: Added a "Things We Need" page to better report on our evergrowing needs and where your donations are going.

Posted 2012-03-31: DDNSBL 100M (ONE HUNDRED MILLION) listed IPs. We are very glad to have reached this incredible milestone and are looking forward to higher hit rate percentage yields as the list continues to expand.

Posted 2012-03-23: DDNSBL 95M listed.
IP removal process status pages where combined into http://v4BL.org/RTIPstatus.html (individual pages remain.)

Posted 2012-03-15: DDNSBL 90M listed.

Posted 2012-03-08: By popular demand, two new pages were added to clarify IP removal process status:
- First page shows IPs pending removal processing @ http://v4bl.org/RTIPpending.html
- Second page shows recently denied IP removal requests @ http://v4bl.org/RecentRTIPfailures.html

Posted 2012-03-07: DDNSBL 85M listed.

Posted 2012-03-04: IP checking processes have been streamlined and doubled. (Expect to see a lot more IPs listed daily.)

Posted 2012-02-28: DDNSBL 80M listed.

Posted 2012-02-22: System upgrades completed - list downtime was 1 hour 20 minutes. Two new 240 GB SSD drives have replaced the outgrown 120 GB drives.

Posted 2012-02-17: Many thanks go out to all of you who have donated so generously (and for all your inspirations too.)
DDNSBL has just placed an order for two new 240 GB SSD drives. They should arrive, be tested and installed within 10 days. With this added space the list will not only be able to keep scaling at the current rate but they will also allow for (SSD) disk to (SSD) disk backups which will greatly minimize list backup/maintenance windows.
Our mission will now continue with focus on obtaining an additional core system (for redundancy) and then finding a list friendly co-lo to run it from... (more on that later.)

Posted 2012-02-16: DDNSBL 75M listed.

Posted 2012-02-06: DDNSBL 70M listed.

Posted 2012-01-28: DDNSBL 65M listed.

Posted 2012-01-18: DDNSBL back-end system maintenance has temporarily provided the desperately needed list storage space - but at the cost of losing/using our online disk backup system. Backups will now have to be done offline, over the net and to much slower drives. Probably around one hour lost per full backup.
Current back-end storage has been SPANned onto two 120 GB SSD drives and now should survive for several months, new list entries are once again being processed at normal speed.

Posted 2012-01-17: DDNSBL all back-end system maintenance was completed. Statistics are now being refreshed again.
Current back-end 120 GB SSD list storage space has been outgrown (free 5853MB/114471MB) and all new list entries will be reduced severely until additional space is found - actively looking to upgrade to at least double that space. If you can help and DONATE, now is an ideal time.

Posted 2012-01-15: DDNSBL 60M listed.

Posted 2012-01-04: DDNSBL 55M listed.

Posted 2012-01-01: DDNSBL has undergone major back-end system maintenance, which are now being reloaded and all IPs are being reverified
Statistics, and such, will not be up-to-date until the reload has completed. All front-end systems continue to provide full DNS service (51M+ IPs) without interruption

Posted 2011-12-27: DDNSBL is undergoing major back-end system maintenance - statistics and such will not be available until completed.

Posted 2011-12-22: TXT record responses are being restored and should be fully restored within one week. .(Do not use any TXT record responses for listing/blocking purposes.) Using TXT records for blocking may result in false positives - You must only use A records responses of for blocking.

Posted 2011-12-20: DDNSBL 50M listed.

Posted 2011-12-17: The list is still experiencing "technical difficulties". TXT record type responses have been suspended.
For those able to block IPs from flat text files, an additional new abbreviated list (HOT100) and delivery method (not via DNS) is now being tested. We are now offering the "HOT100.v4BL.org" zip file. It is updated daily and zipped to expedite delivery. If you have any interest in using this file, just ask.

Posted 2011-12-10: DDNSBL 45M listed.

Posted 2011-12-06: Although the list is still experiencing "growing pains"/"technical difficulties", we have managed to restore partial(most relevant) TXT record service. We are still working on resolving the issue completely and intend to resume full TXT service as soon as possible.

Posted 2011-12-02: The list is experiencing "technical difficulties". TXT record type responses have been temporarily suspended.
For those email admins willing and savvy enough to display a block TXT message, our default TXT reply string is "http://v4BL.org/x". We are working on resolving the issue and will resume TXT service as soon as possible.
A record type responses "" remains unaffected.

Posted 2011-11-30: DDNSBL 40M listed.

Posted 2011-11-17: DDNSBL 35M listed.

Posted 2011-11-09: Unfortunately excessive DNS requesters continue to surface, and we have had to block those specific requesters IP addresses.

Posted 2011-11-04: DDNSBL 30M listed.

Posted 2011-10-27: DDNSBL 25M listed.

Posted 2011-10-23: Unfortunately, we have had to block several large anonymous DNS services who have been/and are being exploited to mask excessive requests.
DNS admins should ensure that zone "IP.v4BL.org" is not forwarded through anonymous DNS servers.
People should just learn to deal with the facts... if you send spam, or don't know how to configure an email/DNS server, then your IPs will be listed.
(There's no need to check all your network IPs every hour to tell you what you should already know; spend your time and resources in checking your settings to ensure that all servers FCrDNS are proper and they aren't misconfigured or spewing instead!)

Posted 2011-10-20: SYSTEM UPGRADES COMPLETED: Core database is now on multi-core system with plenty of memory for growth and SSD technology for added speed.
All systems should now be operating normally.
The DDNSBL DNS List is now on IP.v4BL.org and is still being made available via DDNSBL.InternetDefenseSystems.com.
If you should have any trouble reaching list entries via the old name try using the new name instead.

Posted 2011-10-17: DDNSBL 20M listed.
Posted 2011-10-09: DDNSBL has moved to a much shorter URL. DDNSBL.InternetDefenseSystems.com is now also v4BL.org
The DDNSBL DNS List is also being made available under the new name: "DDNSBL.InternetDefenseSystems.com" & "IP.v4BL.org"
Same service, Shorter name :) Many thanks to all those involved.

Posted 2011-10-08: RP records removed from list - for lack of use. (1.75 GB memory reduction)

Posted 2011-10-06: DDNSBL 15M listed.

Posted 2011-10-01: Retired 8GB memory DNS system

Posted 2011-09-28: Our network is now enforcing usage/abuse policies. If you expirience any delays please contact us to discuss your access needs. The list remains open - just not open to abuse.

Posted 2011-09-27: Got RDNS? What? You're not sure? Well, BE SURE! (rDNS: The Internet version of CallerID with number and full names shown)
RDNS is an extremely important part of succesful email delivery. Without it, no large email systems will accept your mails and your IPs will end up listed here and elsewhere.
Easy concept to grasp: Would you accept a phone call (in the middle of the night) from an anonymous caller? (although some might, most people won't) Then why should anyone accept emails from your anonymous server? (although some might, most servers won't - and shouldn't) Without RDNS, your servers are sending emails anonymously.
RDNS verification helped us grow the list by more than 3 IPs per second today... Was your IP one of those?

Posted 2011-09-22: Supply meets demand, a new DNS server was added to the list pool overnight (Dual Core with 16GB and SSD)

Posted 2011-09-16: DDNSBL 10M listed.

Posted 2011-09-09: DDNSBL list celebrates 2 years of IP collection, now with over 9.6M IPs and counting! IP count is up over 750% from a year ago, thanks mainly to hardware upgrades.

Posted 2011-09-03: DDNSBL beta testing O.B.V.I.O.U.S. IPs ended - Operation "CounterStrike" now underway.

Posted 2011-07-08: http://Intra2net.com has DDNSBL to its' Blacklist Monitor page. (on 2011-07-04.)

Posted 2011-04-21: http://anonmails.de has included DDNSBL in its' BlackList Status checking page.

Posted 2011-03-23: http://dnsbl.inps.de has included DDNSBL in its' DNSBL Comparison / Statistics (on 2011-03-15.)

Posted 2011-03-17: Move to 64 bit systems completed, 32 bit test systems have been retired. DDNSBL has increased its' record retention period and is now publishing a more complete list.

Posted 2011-02-26: http://www.sdsc.edu/~jeff/spam/Blacklists_Compared.html has included DDNSBL in its' weekly Blacklists Comparison.

Posted 2011-01-16: DDNSBL 5M listed.

Posted 2010-12-16: (post removed)

Posted 2010-12-13: http://www.BlacklistMaster.com/ has picked up DDNSBL

Posted 2010-12-05: RP record lookups have been temporarily suspended until system upgrades have been completed.

Posted 2010-12-03: Yahoo!com's new Abuse Reporting procedues makes it impossible to automactically send abuse complaints without having a Yahoo! email account.
"Thank you for your email, but this address now only accepts messages in Abuse Reporting Format (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5965)"
"To report abuse manually (or to get help with security or abuse related issues), please go to Yahoo! Abuse: http://abuse.yahoo.com"
"For questions about using Yahoo! services, please visit Yahoo Help: http://help.yahoo.com"
"Thank you, - Yahoo! Customer Care"
This all sounds good and fine, but the problem arises from the lack of a clear definition (or tool to prepare) "PROPOSED STANDARD" RFC5965 formated abuse complaints.
Possible easy fix: Just become a Yahoo! email subscriber - YEAH RIGHT! We get enough of their SPAM already.
And their "help" is far from helpful (for anyone non-Yahoo!) At every click "login.yahoo.com" appears... Even when clicking "Contact Y!"
(commentary removed)

Posted 2010-11-30: http://www.debouncer.com/ has picked up DDNSBL

Posted 2010-11-29: List recently added to instant online Multi-RBL checking tools:
- http://www.anti-abuse.org/multi-rbl-check/
- http://multirbl.valli.org/

Posted 2010-11-16: .ver 5 released. Merged (existing) OBVIOUS.InternetDefenseSystems.com list into DDNSBL list.

Posted 2010-11-15: MAJOR CHANGES: Effective 2010-11-16 12:01 p.m. GMT
1. IP queries will need to be reversed to comply with standards. (Requests will resembly "in-addr.arpa" IP listings.)
This should allow for larger audience acceptance.
2. DNS return code modification ( replaced with
This should be more readily accepted into "standardized" systems.

Posted 2010-11-13: SOA record updated - shrunk from 12 to 10 digit format. (Too long for some systems.)

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