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The SMTP IPv4 DNS Block List.
Current Block List IP Count: 626 Million
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We operate the largest SMTP IPv4 DNS Block List Service. (Read our Acceptable Use Policy here)
We provide two primary publicly available services:
  1. The V4BL/FULL Block List - which is a commercial/pay-for-use service; but, it can now also be accessed indirectly via public global DNS services (more details).
  2. The V4BL/FREE Block List - which continues to be completely FREE and OPEN for public use at your own risk and discretion.
    It is available to any IPv4 capable DNS client and now holds 145.8 Million IPs.

  Is my email server listed? (How can I get my IP delisted)
  List Usage: Acceptable Use Policy/Abuses/Misuses. (How can I use this list?)
  E-mail server basic setup steps
  Some very basic troubleshooting steps
  Site/Service Status, Notifications & Changes log
  Some typical reasons we list IPs.
  HOWTO: Thank us properly.
  Why V4BL?

Over the last 30 days: V4BL Block List has been updated by one IP every 0.219 seconds.
Over the past year the list has grown by 135,742,309 IPs. Oldest IP: 1850 days listed.
At any given moment, there are more than 150M new IPs queued awaiting basic compliancy checks.
See our historical results/progress here.

(Please do not email us with IP removal requests without having tried the online form: http://v4BL.org/delist/)
(Be advised: We do NOT correspond with unrelated, nor anonymous, email accounts.) Email support: Simply click on either of the green "at" symbols below.
      (If you are going to type in our email address manually, please send to both email addresses)
      (Don't complain when you send to just one address and our email reply is delayed or your request goes unanswered.)
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Regular Post: P.O. Box 162756, Miami FL USA, 33116-2756

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